DRIVEN Parent Cue – Collide SESSION 3

27 Nov

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE discuss with your youths this week about this message! It may even challenge your understanding of what Jesus calls your family to live for Him, to collide with Him, to be different from other families in the church! – Freddy

Session Three: Totaled (November 27)

Are you a safety boy/girl? Do you like the predictable? Do you like to know the outcome before you dive into something? Do you like to keep things the way they are—predictable? Isn’t that, well, a little boring? Maybe you need to collide with God. Maybe you need to place yourself in His path so that something in your life will change. It’s a collision that will leave you different than the status quo—and that’s a very good thing.

Session Three Parent Cue: As a Christian, is there something you feel like you should do, but for some reason—fear, uncertainty, discomfort—you’re reluctant to do it? How can you push yourself out of that comfort zone and make it happen?

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Posted by on November 27, 2011 in DRIVEN, Parent Cue, Parent's Connection


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