DRIVEN Parent Cue – Through the Window Session 3

25 Sep

Hi parents! A week past so fast and I should be leaving my ship and heading to the Miami airport! Hope this series has been an ecouragement to your son and daughter! Tell us how it went so that we can partner with you to invest in their spiritual development! – Freddy

Session 3: We Are Grateful (September 25)

When we see our worship as more than just a few minutes on Sunday morning and learn to be honest with God in our worship, we begin to get a more complete picture of who God is and who we are. But once we have broken into an authentic view of worship and learned that it’s ok to express the deepest parts of ourselves to God, where do we go? How do we move forward and not get stuck in the process of pain and hurt? When we remember the former things—when we remember who God has been to us in the past—we allow God to rearrange our broken window into something new and beautiful.

Session 3 Parent Cue: Do you think you tend to see life through the lens of your pain or through who you know God to be? What are the characteristics of God you have seen when He came through for you in some really tough times? How would seeing God this way all the time change the way you handle more difficult times?

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