Youth Parents: Here We Grow Again!

02 Sep

Dear parents!

Pastor Freddy here. It took us a while to get this email list ready, working alongside YLD children to get the grade 6 contacts and updating the grade 7s who are now our grade 8 but I believe this is what is most accurate according to our record. So welcome, not just for your sons and daughters but the dads and moms this email is addressed to! We are about to embark on 4 to 5 years of partnership to invest in your children so I hope we will have regular updates through this channel as well as our MCBC Parent’s Blog at: There, you will be able to find information about discussion questions and ideas to help you to be a part of your child’s spiritual upbringing.

Just a word of note though it was somewhat last minute, Timotheus (Grade 7 and 8 ) and Koinonia (Grade 9 to 12) is NOT having fellowship TONIGHT but will begin starting next Friday, September 9. For Timotheus, it will be a Gym Night and then on the 16th will be our official welcome night.

For Koinonia, welcome night starts next week, September 9, and as we speak, the youth leadership will spend some time overnight in training to prepare to serve their peers.

Lastly, and most important and related to you, we will have our Parent’s Orientation  next Friday, September 9, so 9 9, easy to remember in the Sunday School Hall, second floor in the room directly up the central stairs, where I will share with you the vision, strategy and your involvement with our ministry as your child move from children to teen. I look forward to meeting with all of you and answering questions and sharing why we are so passionate about your kids, as you meet some of the counselolrs and core team that makes it happen every week! – Freddy

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