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DRIVEN Summer Series – Session 6 Q & A

Two weeks of VBC and everything is slowly calming down. But your son or daughter learned a serious message this past Sunday and would need your guidance if they open up asking harder questions, and hearing from your experience of facing challenges. Pray that all of you will have a deep, meaningful conversation. – Freddy

Session Six: Big Moments (August 21)

Have you ever met someone who went through something really difficult, yet if they had a chance to rewind and change what happened, they would be reluctant to do it? And the reason is because there was something they learned from that experience. It’s what we call a pivotal circumstance, a defining moment in their lives. Each of us has had one. Some may seem bigger than others. But to each one of us, they are huge. And you know what? Even thought it’s not something we would necessarily choose or want to happen, God takes those moments and uses them to grow our faith.

Session Six Parent Cue: Share about a time in your life that was really hard, but something good came out of it. Maybe you learned something new about God or yourself. Maybe you built some great relationships with people who supported you. How did what you learned or experienced somehow make the situation more bearable?

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DRIVEN Summer Series – Session 5 Q & A

Dear parents! Be proud of your children as 9 of them made a commitment to serve! Isn’t God great? Thanks for your partnership and example! – Freddy

Session Five: Big Serve (August 14)

Did you know that your spiritual growth is linked to your service? That’s right. You get something out of filling that volunteer position in the nursery or children’s ministry. You’re not just doing a job, filling a slot—you’re growing. God uses that service to teach you something about Him and others. And even if you don’t feel like you’re the best person for the job, or if you wonder, “Why am I doing this?” God says that if you want to grow, you have to serve.

Session Five Parent Cue: Have you ever had a great experience while serving another person? What was so great about it? What are some characteristics you see in each other that would be assets in serving?

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