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April DRIVEN Parent’s Devotion

Broken by Tim Walker

I want to make a difference in the world.

I want to help people.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that there’s something very youthful about those statements. What I mean is that there is a passion, a drive to make the world a better place that seems to burn so brightly when you’re in your teens and even early 20s. You see how messed up the world is, and you think you can do something to make change that.

Then you get a job. Get married. Start a family. Build a life.

And suddenly, it seems so hard to change your own world, much less anything bigger than that. You no longer hope in leaders, because you begin to see that leaders don’t always lead. You no longer hope in outreach efforts to help people in need, because it never seems to be enough. There’s always a problem, always a need. There is always something more to be done that never gets done.

When you’re younger, you see the world as broken and believe you can fix it.

When you’re older, you realize just how broken it is and you begin to believe that you can’t ever fix it because it’s just too overwhelming.

And here’s the truth, here’s the reality—because of Jesus Christ, it’s both. Our world is horribly broken. We can see it on the news and we can see it in the people we encounter every day. We can also see it in the mirror sometimes. But Jesus came to restore what was broken through His death and resurrection.

The first thing He did was restore our broken relationship with God, with ourselves and even with other people. All of those things were shattered in the garden of Eden.

But Jesus also gave us a glimpse of something else that would be restored—our world. Followers of Christ believe that won’t completely happen until some day when Christ returns for good and makes right all things effected by sin and brokenness. But we can be a part of letting people see that some day now. We can be a part of letting people see just how much Jesus cares about what is broken and give hope.

That’s why we are giving your child an opportunity to do that. We would love for you to join us. We would love for you to be a part of letting people see how God cares about broken things. We will be giving your child information on how to participate in some of the activities we are planning to help those in need, and we want to extend the invitation to you as well.

And the reason is simple. God cares about a broken world. That’s what Easter is all about.

He cares about what is broken in you and in your life. And He cares about the brokenness around us and on the news.

We’ll never mend completely everything that is damaged. It takes God to do that. But we can be a part of showing people how much God cares about the broken things in us and in our world.

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April DRIVEN Series

In The Beginning

Series Overview

Contrary to what we may have always thought, the starting point for Easter isn’t the waving of palm branches or the Last Supper. It even goes back farther than the birth of Jesus. The starting point for Easter began long before Jesus became flesh and walked this Earth. In fact, it began in the garden with Adam and Eve and God. The Easter story is a story about restoring what is broken—both in us and in our world. And it all began in the beginning.

Session One: A Man & A Woman (April 10, 2011)

The garden of Eden was as good as it gets. God called everything in it “good”—including Adam and Eve. But it all changed with one choice and one action. That was all it took to affect the course of history forever. As a result, humanity was broken. It doesn’t take much effort to see that in the people around us. And if we’re honest, it doesn’t take much effort to see that in us as well. But the beauty in Jesus’ death and resurrection is that it redeems our brokenness. And in the process, we see part of God’s character we may never have seen otherwise.

Session One Parent Cue: What is broken in our world? In our community? In our family? In you personally?

Session Two: A World (April 17, 2011)

You and I aren’t the only things broken, are we? Our world is a broken place. Sin destroyed not only humanity’s goodness, it destroyed a good world. All we have to do is turn on the news or go online to see it. But the Bible promises that one day it will all be restored. What has been broken all this time will finally be made right. But until that day comes, we can give the world a glimpse of that restoration to come. We can be a part of restoring the things that are broken in all creation. And when we do this, people will be able to see outwardly what Christ has done internally.

Session Two Parent Cue: How can you and I be a part of joining with Jesus to restore some of the broken things we see? What role can we play? And what things can only Jesus do?

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Parents! Virtue in April is…


{Putting Others First by Giving Up What You Think You Deserve}

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